Monday, September 17, 2007

Must You Outsource Software Development? Here Are Some Reasons Why You Should

How do you secure your rights over intellectual property? When a software development project is finished, who retains ownership of both the software’s source code and the intellectual property rights?

These are valid concerns that should be addressed before outsourcing your software development needs, commences. To develop software inside the company’s premises is undeniably safer, but lower cost alternatives nowadays, are enticing.

Programs and equipments needed to build software are expensive, local skilled labor may be scarce and time may not be on your side. Offshore outsourcing of your software development needs to India will give you the in-house advantage of being with a virtual team of your own choosing, cost effective, and you will be introduced to a broad spectrum of competencies far advanced than your own.

Software development is a complex job, highly technical and fast-changing. To fully adapt, even the first Fortune 500 companies go offshore outsourcing of their software needs. In a business environment that changes quickly, where competition is keener than it seems, speed in the accomplishment of tasks, as well as quality of inputs are vital factors that need not be compromised.

When does offshore outsourcing of software development to India, beneficial?

A big project entails hiring of more manpower and key support personnel. Regular hiring and selection process may take time, and training will use up a portion of company’s resources.

Outsourcing of software development needs will obliterate the rigorous and expensive process of manpower selection and deployment.

Routine tasks that take up more time away from the concentration of efforts on competencies that can bring about more revenues for the company can be outsourced. As higher priority is accorded to core functions, your company earns more market advantage against its competitors, while maintaining its technological upper hand, through the expertise of your outsourced software developers.

Offshore outsourcing of software development favors small-scale companies that have just started, and as much as possible scrimp on anything that pertains to cost. Outsourcing to India is definitely a far less expensive option.

But how secure?

Indian companies have been known for their high levels of work ethics. Ownership of rights over intellectual properties, software codes and software development specs remain with the client. Indian outsource service providers assure the strictest measures to safeguard these rights.

Next time you outsource your software development needs, think of India. It’s one decision you can never go wrong.

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