Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How to cut your software development costs

Top ten tips to implement the right IT strategy.

With the credit crunch affecting IT budgets, Experimentus, a UK software quality management solutions consultancy, highlights ten ways to reduce software development lifecycle costs within IT departments :

1. Focus on well documented Functional Requirements

Without well documented Functional Requirements, there is potential for a system to be delivered which does not meet the customer's expectations. For example, perhaps it does not work as they believe it should – even though the development team believe that they have worked in line with the requirements as documented. This can lead to development rework, which is likely to delay the release, increase costs and create discord between the customer and the software team.

2. Ensure all Non - Functional Requirements are clearly defined early

Many organisations focus solely on the Functional aspect of systems – WHAT it does – rather than the Non-Functional – HOW it does it. Non-Functional elements comprise everything from performance to security to usability.

Without clear, early definition of Non-Functional requirements, it is possible that a system could be delivered which does exactly what the customer wants – but is difficult to use, slow, insecure, unreliable or is not scalable. Once again, this can lead to development rework – although some non-functional areas are so integral to the design of the product that it can be difficult to correct them without starting the project again.

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