Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Design of Sites: An outstanding guide to Web Design.

“The ‘pattern’ book has become a familiar genre for frequent readers of technical manuals. The idea is to sift through mountains of architectural or design schemes and then to categorize and catalogue the most frequent ideas and present their strengths and weaknesses. This type of book has been a success in software engineering, but can it translate to website design, where designers have everyday and frequent access to other designs? At worst, these books provide a common industry vocabulary (assuming it was read by everyone in the industry). How many people knew what a factory method referred to before Erich Gamma’s Design Patterns was released? At best, as in the case of that ‘original’ software design patterns book, mountains of complex ideas are archived into a single reference and will sit within arm’s reach for the rest of your life. So, is the web design discipline full of patterns that evade common sense?”

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