Friday, August 8, 2008

Software Project - Video link integration on Server

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Project Details:

Type : Project

Id : 18640536

Category :Software & Technology

Title : Video link integration on Server

Estimated Budget : 200 USD

Description :

We are Canada based need Service Provider for our requirement. We have an existing OS commerce that is fully installed and functioning at this point. We need some one to sell videos, and those are downloadable videos. So same process, someone buys our video, he/she pays for it, then gets an invoice by email like OS commerce always do, but where your work starts is there, on that email we need a link to be sent, that link will print to the zipped file in a folder on the same server that will contain the videos the clients purchased. Then client can download it and it is all done. What we need this link to die after 3 days then its no longer working. So we do not need this whole thing to work via the admin, because the files are large so they can somehow be uploaded by us via FTP then entered as a product for sale on my OS commerce. Our approximate budget is 200 USD and we will pay through pay pal or other mode after completion of the work. We need this to be done at the earliest.

Interested Service Providers are requested to contact us with their profile as soon as possible.

Country : Canada

Status : Closed

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